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Czas : Present Simple.

1. Uzupełnij zdania w czasie PRESENT SIMPLE odpowiednią forma czasowników podanych w nawiasach.

1. My younger brothers always _________ when I ___________ on ma computer (watch, play)
2. Let's get going! The bus _____ in 30 minutes and the next one _____ at 5 pm. (leave, be).
3. Robert is really good at maths but he often ____ before class tests. (worry)
4. My mum usually ____ in the garden and ____ with our dog when she comes back home. (relax, play)
5. My sisters sometimes ____ the dishes when she ____ to please mum and dad. (wash, want)

2. Uzupełnij luki wyrazami podanymi w nawiasach, użytymi w odpowiedniej FORMIE i kolejności.

1. [you, eat, usually] __________ breakfast on weekend?
2. We [ not, go, often] ___________ out in the evening.
3. I [be, late, never] ____ for my classes.
4. Our teachers [not, smoke] ___________ at school.
5. My best friend [be, keen, really] ____ on chocolate.
6. [be,you,always] ____ mad when you lose a game?
7. our english teacher [not , give, us, usually] ____ a lot of homework
8. Marek is great at history - he [heve, always] _____a lot to say in class.

3. Uzupełnij zdania czasownikami z tego nawiasu: [eat, rain, disagree, take, belong, like] użyj ich w ODPOWIEDNIEJ FORMIE twierdzącej lub przeczącej.
1. My brothers is not a real vegetarian. He ____ meat and fish from time to time.
2. It ____ very long to get there at this time of day. There isn't much traffic.
3. OK, so you ____ with me - but we can still be friends , right?
4. I'm a big music fan but I ____ heavy metal very much.
5. It ____ a lot around here in the summer. Don't forget your umbrella.
6. No i cannot lend you these CDs. They ____ to me, they're my sister's.

Z góry bardzo dziękuję za pomoc w tym zadaniu :)

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    Aleksandra. Rozwiązała: 1 ponad 3 lata temu

    1.1. watches, play
    1.2. leaves, is
    1.3. worries
    1.4. relaxes, plays
    1.5. washes, wants

    2.1. Do you usually eat beakfast on weekend?
    2.2. We often don't go out in the evening.
    2.3. I'm never late for my classes.
    2.4. Our teachers don't smoke at school.
    2.5. My best friend is really keen on chocolate
    2.6. Do you always mad when you lose a game?
    2.7. Our english teacher usually doesn't give us a lot of homework.
    2.8. Mark is great at history- he always has a lot to say in class.

    3.1. eats
    3.2. takes
    3.3. disagree
    3.4. don't like
    3.5. rains
    3.6. don't belong

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